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What is Colourless?

Colourless is an arcade action game for touch devices, a procedurally generated synesthetic experience where you must dodge or not different shapes to stay alive. Put your reflexes to the test in this fast paced game with random patterns of both music and incoming shapes hell. Simple and easy to understand mechanics, yet challenging gameplay. You won’t last long if you don’t react quickly. The energetic electronic soundtrack will help you enter the flow state you need, but nothing lasts forever. How long can you keep up?

Colourless will be available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 this August.

We are a team of two argentinian guys: Ignacio Puccini (programmer and game designer) and Tomas Batista (composer and sound designer), from Rosario and Ushuaia (the southernmost city in the world!) respectively.

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Who are we?

pentagon rotation

Ignacio Puccini

Programmer and Game Designer

rectangle rotation

Tomas Batista

Musician and Sound Designer